"I make a blank canvas as beautiful as I possibly can, which is not easy as there are few things as beautiful as a blank canvas."
Nicolas Makelberge is a Swedish artist based in Prague renowned for his evocative and vibrant artworks. He dedicates himself to the creation of large-scale compositions reminiscent to the forces at play in the sky and the sea - his constant sources of inspirations. 
The trajectory of Nicolas' artistic path was shaped by painting and attending art school at an early age Sweden as well as earning higher degrees in Design from the US, Sweden and Portugal. Incorporating the impulsive nature of all creative endeavours into his painting style, Nicolas' works are infused with expressive actions, abstract notes, like that of music, his other great passion.
The distinctiveness of his approach has earned him recognition and accolades, with his art being featured in prestigious publications such as ELLE Decor Magazine, Forbes and Harpers Bazaar, his works included in private and public collections in across the United States and Europe.
To see current available work visit Nicolas' instagram account

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