Commissions are very welcomed and a big part of my work. To get started I need three things; size, any preferred composition and a 50% deposit. Don't hesitate to send pictures of art from my portfolio that inspire you, it'll be helpful for determining the composition and overall style of your piece.
Once completed, I will send you a couple of photos of the piece so that you can suggest changes - if any. Changes often include things like colour or shapes. The painting will not leave our studio until you, the client are completely satisfied and happy. :) The artwork is usually complete within three weeks of sending us the deposit.

We ship artworks worldwide with UPS or FedEx. Large works on canvas sent outside of Europe will be rolled up and sent in a tube. Smaller works (approx. 100 x 100 cm or less) will be sent strapped up on frame. Please contact us for details / shipping options at
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